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Life Without The Sound Of Music, Never!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
posted by Musical Mom 11:29 PM

My husband has always loved country music, blue grass music and folk music.  His enthusiasm and joy now seems to have rubbed off on our youngest daughter.  My husband has played acoustic and electric guitar most of his life and our daughter seems to truly relish the time she gets to spend watching her father play.  We know that for Christmas this year we must surprise our daughter with her very own acoustic guitar!  My husband has some contacts who really know guitars and know where to find quality beginner kids guitars. 

We are both thrilled to know that we can find a good affordable beginner kids guitar and have it picked out and ready well before Christmas!   Our oldest son also shares his father’s passion and owns his own acoustic guitar.    We also started him on a kids guitar with amazing results!  I could not imagine our lives without the sound of music!!

The Apple Of My Eye!

Saturday, April 17, 2010
posted by Guitar Family Man 5:08 PM

What father doesn’t want to spoil their little girl?  I love my two sons and I have a very special relationship with both of them but a daughter is a whole other kettle of fish.   My sweet little eight year old daughter is a “daddy’s girl” and she knows it!  She also knows that she has me wrapped around her little finger!  She has been begging me for months to get her a childrens electric guitar.  She knows that her older brother plays bass guitar and that I played acoustic guitar “back in the day” and she figures that the guitar is a valued possession in our family.

My wife warns me that finances are tight since she got laid off from her job six months ago.  I have always been the less thrifty one in our marriage.  I have however been showing her websites that feature beginner kids guitars that are very affordable.  I think I am starting to convince my wife that kids guitars are more affordable than she thought because the other day she told me she saw a beginner kids guitar she thought was really cute and our daughter would love!  I am delighted because my daughter will be nine in June and I know she will have a Very Happy Birthday!

Honoring Your Child’s Musical Passions!

Saturday, February 20, 2010
posted by To The Beat 1:57 PM

As a parent you need to be on the look for your children’s special skills and abilities as well as their hidden talents.  It seems to me that our young son could be on his way to a budding music career.  He has shown some natural ability singing in the choir, playing the drums and now expresses an interest in learning guitar.  As luck would have it, he has a birthday coming up next month.  I have already begun my search for beginner kids guitars as a kids guitar seems to be perfect for his age. 

I spoke to my brother who says that he too bought a beginner kids guitar for his eldest son and he claims that the quality of this guitar was first rate.  Even though his son no longer plays and gave his guitar to his younger cousin, he recommends this guitar highly!   I am not sure if my son will stick with the guitar but I know he has musical ability and I am happy to let him explore this love!   Isn’t that my job as a parent.

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